Rats & Mice ControlRats and mice are common household pests that can not only destroy your peace of mind but also cause great damage inside a property. They pose a significant health risk and leads to several diseases like Salmonella, Weil’s disease, tuberculosis and many others. To maintain the hygiene and health of your family, it’s important to prevent and control the rat infestation.

At Tripoint Pest Control, we are your local pest control experts who are committed to remove the unwanted rat & mice population away from your home or business. Our exterminators are highly skilled and follow safe and humane pest control.

Signs Of A Rat Problem

Since rats are tiny creatures, they can easily gain entry inside a premise through the tiniest wall hole. They usually hide from humans and live in the holes or cluttered spaces, such as attics.
Some typical signs to look for rats and mice are:

  • Scratching noises in the walls, under the floor or decks.
  • Droppings that are nearly dark, tapered and about 1cm long.
  • Distinctive ammonia like smell in the enclosed areas.
  • Damage and gnawing or trimming signs on wood and plastic.
  • Chewed paper, cables and electric wires in the attic.
  • Ripped food packaging and contaminated food sources.
  • Holes in the walls or burrows in the compost heaps or garden.

What We Do?

If not treated, a rat or mice infestation can create an excess of damage and leads to several diseases. At Tripoint Pest Control, we have a team of rat controllers who’ll prepare a bait station to control and remove the unwanted critters. We utilize green and eco-friendly products that are both safe and effective. Our experts provide highly targeted treatment to get rid of the rats and also follow measures to prevent the risk of future infestations.

We offer professional and convenient solutions to get rid of rats. For rat & mice control in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon & Vaughan, feel free to contact us.

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