Flies Control Are you facing a flies infestation in your office? Like most other pests, flies pose a severe health risk to you as it carries an array of infectious diseases. They are commonly known as the carrier of Salmonella and E. Coli. These airborne pests fly from place to place and leave excrement on the food items, thereby contaminating the stored food.

Tripoint Pest Control is a leading pest control company providing business owners across GTA with long term flies extermination services. We follow the latest approach of spraying an insect misting spray that is effective in eliminating flies. Moreover, the mist is safe and non-toxic to your family, pets and plants. It is also responsible for removing other tiny insect species that invade your property.

Common & Real Facts About Flies

  • The entire life expectancy of a fly is around eight days to two months.
  • There are around 16,000 species of flies in the North America alone.
  • Flies are found in every part of the world except the polar ice caps.
  • A single pair of flies can produce more than one million offspring.
  • Flies are responsible for readily spreading diseases and infections.
  • Every year flies contaminate around $10 billion of consumable products.

Why Choose Us For Fly Control?

A fly infestation in the home is not less than the pain but for commercial properties, it can be blamed for driving away the customers. At Tripoint Pest Control, we perform safe and humane fly control for your home or commercial premise to bring your lost customers back. Since the reproduction rate of flies is quite high, even a minor fly problem can soon turn into a large infestation. Our fly control experts ensure peace of mind with years of expertise and latest approach.

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