Fleas Extermination Fleas are very tiny yet nuisance insects that can create a lot of discomfort or inconvenience. They likely infect pets likes dog and cats and live in their fur coat. They are less visible and their jumps make them difficult to eliminate. People who have and had pets are at a more risk for fleas invasion. These pests are also considered the primary concern of distress in pets and humans due to their bites.

Understanding Fleas

There are many species of flea, but most of them are about 2-3 mm long and red or brown in color. Most possibly, the adult fleas pierce the skin of mammals or birds and feed on their blood. However, the larvae feed on the organic matter that generally gets deposited on the carpets or bedding.

Flea cocoons can remain dormant for more than two years and can wake up with the vibration of footsteps. It is very common for a flea infestation to remain dormant in an inhabited home but to awaken up when people move in.

Long-term Fleas Prevention

Preventing fleas is a difficult task as they are very tiny creatures and can hide at any spot inside your property. At Tripoint Pest Control, we have a team of flea removal experts who are dedicated to make your property completely free from fleas. We are here to improve your quality of life by providing the safest and effective treatment that is safe for your family. To make sure your office remains fleas-free, we do the following:

1. Vacuum carpets and furnishings where pets sleep to remove the fleas, larva and their eggs.
2. Shake or beat the rugs and pet bedding outdoors so that fleas and eggs don’t fall off inside.
3. Wash the pet bedding every week, ideally at above 50°C to kill the flea infestation.
4. Take care when transferring the bedding, rugs, etc, to avoid spreading of the flea eggs.

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