Ant Control & RemovalAnts are worldwide found pests that are commonly found where they can get easy access to the food. However, their colonies can be discovered anywhere, including the yards, attic, on walls, trees, and many other places. Once these pests manage to gain an entry into your property, they are really hard to remove. The use of sprays and pesticides will just repel them and that too not for long.

What We Do?

At Tripoint Pest Control, we are committed to control and remove the ant infestation from your property, thereby ensuring the health and hygiene of your staff. Ours is an expert pest control company that is serving our commercial clients with highly reliable and affordable services. We have a team of licensed exterminators who are knowledgeable and skilled to deal with severe ant invasion.

How To Keep The Ants Away?

Majority of black or garden ants will come to your place in search of food and are attracted by sweet and sticky stuff. We are here to prevent them by ensuring that there is no food source readily available for consumption. To prevent ants, make sure you always:

  • Cover the food sources to prevent crawling of ants.
  • Clear away the food and liquid spillage immediately.
  • Get rid of the food debris from the kitchen appliances.
  • Throw the leftover food in tightly sealed garbage bins.
  • Keep compost enclosed and covered in a lidded bin.
  • Clear away the pet bowl after it has finished eating.

Professional Ant Control in GTA & Surrounding

At Tripoint Pest Control, we deal with all sort of ant species by using the latest and effective pest extermination products. Our experts well understand the habits of each species and also utilize powerful insecticides to deal with ants and provide long-term solutions.

We offer same day and emergency call-out services to deal with ants and other pest problems in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Caledon & Brampton. Our professionals will reach you with a quick and prompt response and strives to deliver the highest level of safety for your employees.

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